Why did we decide to create Subscriptions Cloud?

The subscription business model isn’t new, but the tools available in the market to scale them were not responding to the merchants’ needs until Subscriptions Cloud came in.

The number of “BUTs” were just too many

“Great Subscriptions Payment App, BUT charges additional Transaction Fees.”

– Jim: We found a great Subscriptions App, but it charges 2% per transaction on top of the credit card merchant fee.

– Scotty: Wait, what? But our profit margin has to be lower than 10%! If we want to be able to compete with Amazon, and if we’re going to sell subscriptions, we have to sacrifice 4.9% in fees? 

“Great Subscriptions Payment App, BUT the checkout it’s in another domain.”

– Kathryn: I found a super cool Subscriptions App, but all the customers will have to checkout outside our domain.

– Harry: But that will affect our checkout experience, and it will make our site look fraudulent.

“Great Subscriptions Payment App, BUT does not allow me to offer Mix Carts.”

– Michael: We just installed this super cool Subscription App that will allow us to sell subscriptions products.

– Tilly: What about subscription products and regular products? 

– Michael: Well it doesn’t have that. The customer needs to pay for the regular item first, and then for the subscription product outside our domain.

– Tilly: Huh! Are you kidding me?  

So, if it has too many BUTS, then it wasn’t good enough.

It was time to fix the “BUTs”

Customers need a way to run their subscription business without sacrificing profit margins, their checkout experience, or the need to modify their store to please an app. 

As my grandpa used to say, “if you can’t find it, build it”. And that’s what we did.


It wasn’t easy to create such a complex platform; therefore, we needed to use every knowledge and every piece of tech we had. 

We knew it was going to be hard, and it was actually really hard.

This is how it all started

Adding the Square platform

We know what we need and how to build it, but where do we start? Well, we start with the most crucial part, the payment processor. 

We are one of the top Square solution providers in the US, so we set up a meeting and ironically, they asked us if we wanted to develop the subscriptions integration for Square and BigCommerce. We of course said: “Hell yeah!”

Two years later here we are.

We took our time  

We not only wanted a platform, but we also wanted a complete integration that could work out of the box. No fees, no external checkout, no embedded products. We wanted an app so good that it could smoothly blend with BigCommerce.

So we studied the APIs, tested a lot, from small proofs of concepts to minimum viable products, until we got it right.

Bleeding edge tech

We are nerds, hardcore nerds, so we wanted to build the app using the latest and greatest.

As Google Cloud Partners, we have access to the best cloud in the market, and we took advantage of that.

Subscriptions Cloud is almost 100% serverless, and built with elasticity in mind, meaning that our customers don’t need to worry about downtimes, cyber-attacks, or season peaks, the whole platform grows and shrinks on demand helping reducing cost, and increasing performance for all our customers.

Simple pricing, no BS!

Forget about transaction fees, weird pricing rules, or high processing rates; our pricing is simply around 50 cents per subscriber per month, and the price goes down based on the volume of subscribers.

In addition, because of our partnership with Square, merchants can keep their processing rate and if they qualify, we can give them a better rate.

It has to be fully integrated

The trend of creating external apps that forced the customer and the shoppers to go back and forth from one interface to another, one look and feel to another and from one checkout to another had to stop.

Yes, Subscriptions Cloud is an App but it behaves as an integration, so business owners don’t have the need to modify their theme, or to create products somewhere else, or to manage subscriptions in a different place.

Everything is there, and it works as if it’s a part of the platform.

Keep making it better

With new features released every month, we now own one of the most flexible, integrated, and user-friendly platforms in the market. 

So what’s next?

That’s a secret but let’s just say that we are going Rogue…