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The path to get recurring sales, is Subscriptions Cloud

Isabella Wills

November 17, 2021
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Transforming your online store into a recurring revenue business doesn’t sound like a very easy goal; however, when you install the Subscriptions Cloud App and convert your existing one-time payment products or services into subscription-based products, it’s a different story.

Usually, when you start your own business, you think: “Finally! I’m getting my financial freedom!”, but when you only sell one-off products or services, you find out that you still are in the rat race, which is exchanging your time for money. And, why is that? Well, because there’s a big difference between having loyal and recurring customers instead of just one-time clients. 

One-Time Purchases vs. Subscriptions

Every business owner started to get sales from customers who made One-Time Purchases, which means that the customer came across with your brand and decided to buy one of your products or services one time. 

Subscription boxes

After that, you had to motivate the customer repeat the shopping with you, throughout Email Marketing, Social Media, Paid Influencers, etc., because even if the product or service is good, there’s always another brand who is chasing that customer with discounts, promo codes, etc.; therefore, that one-time client can easily change to another brand, and forget all about yours despite all your marketing efforts trying to make him/her come back. 

But as we stated before, when you manage to turn those One-Time Purchases into Subscriptions, the story is another one. And, to achieve that you don’t have to be Adobe, Netflix, Apple Music, or Microsoft, who are big SaaS businesses who offer monthly subscriptions, and who’ve been converting their one-time payments (or license) into a subscription business with predictable revenue. You just have to analyze the products and services you offer that can be sold as subscriptions, and install the Subscriptions Cloud App.

Turning your One-Time Purchases into Subscriptions

First of all, let’s not forget that One-Time Purchases are a must for every company. Amazon, Apple Music, Adobe, Netflix, Microsoft, etc., all of them offer those because you need to let your customers have a first try of your products or services, without obligating them to make a commitment. Because, think about how a subscription works, your customer is marrying your brand for a period of time, and when they want a divorce, they just have to remove their credit card or cancel the subscription.

That’s why the Subscriptions Cloud App not only allows you to offer your customers any type of subscription, but it also has the One-Time Purchase option, where your customers can decide if they want to try your product one time, so they buy it in the regular way, and after that, they can subscribe to that product on a daily, weekly, monthly, or any frequency you want to offer them.

Basic Subscriptions, Combo Boxes and Mix Carts

Once you establish the products or services that you can start offering as subscriptions, now is the time to take advantage of all the features that the Subscriptions Cloud App has to help you get recurring sales.

Basic Subscriptions: This option allows you to create regular subscriptions, where your customers can subscribe to any of your products or services daily, weekly, monthly, twice a week, twice a month, or with any frequency you want. This is perfect for all kinds of products. For example, if you have a Flower and House Plant Shop, you can offer your new customers a Basic Subscription to your Bestseller Indoor Plant, and they can choose the frequency in which they want to receive that specific plant.

Combo Box Subscription: This is definitely the feature created to help you establish long-term relationships with your customers. The Combo Box feature lets you create Boxes filled with a list of your products that your customers can subscribe to all of them at once. This is what you need to use when you want to target your loyal customers, those who you know better and you understand their preferences more. So, for example, if you have a Skin Care brand and you have some customers that usually buy the same products like as if they were buying a Kit, you can make their life easier by creating a Combo Box Subscription for them were you include all their favorite Skin Care Products, and offer them to subscribe to that special Box on a monthly basis. They can even choose the products that they want to include in their personalized box. 

Mix Carts: This is the feature that not only will give you peace of mind, but will also make your customers’ life so much easier. With the Mix Carts option, your customers can pay for their Subscriptions, their Combo Boxes, and their One-Time Purchases in the checkout. They no longer need to go to a different checkout or create different orders, because they can pay for everything all at once.

No Commission Fees, No Extra Checkouts

Finally, this is what helps clear out the path of getting recurring sales; which is getting rid of commission fees and extra checkouts. Because when you start to sell your products as subscriptions, you need to get a tool that makes the business affordable, therefore, having a tool that charges you a commission fee for every transaction, or that lets you offer subscriptions but you have to add another checkout for the One-Time Purchases, will not help you scale your business. 

That’s why at Subscriptions Cloud, we don’t touch your money, we don’t charge you any commission fees on your transactions, you only pay a monthly subscription that allows you to have a certain amount of subscribers. And you don’t have to have an external checkout, because with Subscriptions Cloud you can keep your checkout. 

It’s time to smooth out the buying process  

If you make your customers’ life easier they will always come back, that’s why installing the Subscriptions Cloud App and start selling your products as subscriptions is the path to increase your average order value and turn one-time clients into loyal and recurring customers. Our software does it by creating recurring business opportunities with every one of your clients.

So, if you are an online seller and you are looking for ways to increase your sales, take advantage of the subscriptions business model so you can make your eCommerce business thrive, and accelerate the freedom you always wanted.  

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