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What kinds of Subscriptions does Subscriptions Cloud offer?
  • Basic Subscriptions: With this type of subscription your customers can subscribe to you any of your products or services daily, weekly, monthly, twice a week, twice a month, or with any frequency you want to offer them. This is perfect for all kinds of products because depending on the expiration date of the product, you could offer a specific frequency for your customers to subscribe to that product.

  • Combo Box Subscription: With this type of subscription you can create Boxes filled with a list of your products that your customers can subscribe to all of them at once. This is what you need to use when you want to target your loyal customers, those who you know better and you understand their preferences more.
Do I need to modify my current website theme or design?

No, since we are fully integrated with BigCommerce, there’s no need to change your design or theme. All the subscriptions you create are attached to a product as a product variant and will show up as a regular product variant on your product page.

What payment methods are available?

With Subscriptions Cloud you can accept any type of payments whether it is credit or debit, and from the most important franchise.

You can accept payments from the following franchises: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Does Subscriptions Cloud support BigCommerce coupons?

Yes, your customers can use the coupons you create inside BigCommerce and pay for subscriptions and one-time products.

If the customer’s saved payment method doesn't work, does Subscriptions Cloud send a payment link to the user?

Yes, if the payment method fails the customer gets an invoice and can be paid with another card; once it’s paid the order will be processed.

Can we create subscriptions directly from the admin?

Yes, you can create subscriptions for your customers directly from the admin; you can also use this feature to migrate subscribers from other platforms.

Can we edit a customer subscription?

Yes, you can edit your customer’s subscription frequency, price, discount shipping, billing addresses, etc.

Are you available on other platforms besides BigCommerce?

For the moment, we are only available for BigCommerce store owners, because we want to be able to provide the best technical support and help merchants unleash the potential their online store has. However, we are working on implementing the app on other eCommerce platforms.

Do I have to be a Square Client to have Subscriptions Cloud?

Yes, you must be a Square Client to be able to install the Subscriptions Cloud App, because all transactions are powered by Square so we can ensure that the money of your sales will be safe and secure. We’ll be adding more payment processors next year.

What happens if I reach the maximum number of subscribers on my plan?

At Subscriptions Cloud you can upgrade your membership any time you want. So, if you are currently subscribed to our Standard that can support 150 subscribers per month, you can upgrade your plan and get the Professional membership that can support 350 subscribers per month, or the Enterprise membership that can support up to 650 subscribers per month. 
If you want to upgrade your membership, you can do it here: (add correct link)

Do I get notifications every time a customer subscribes to a product

Yes, every time one of your customers subscribes to any of your products or boxes, you will receive a push notification on your app, so you can give them a great customer experience.

Are you integrated with other apps, like MailChimp?

Since we are 100% integrated with BigCommerce, any app that is integrated with them will perfectly work with our platform.

Why don’t you charge an extra fee as other subscription companies do?

Subscriptions Cloud was built using the latest technologies in serverless computing, which allows us to have very low operational costs.