How To Improve Your Product Descriptions For a Subscription Box That Sells

Camila Gómez

September 10, 2022

Starting a subscription box company potentially offers financial security while allowing you to deliver great products your customers love. However, to ensure your company’s success, you need to utilize tried and true subscription page optimization practices. This will allow you to increase your conversion rate as well as recuring revenue. 

One of the best ways to implement a successful product page optimization that attracts more customers, is by making sure your product descriptions align with your subscription business goals. Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to improve conversion rates with product descriptions as well as which platforms to use for your subscription boxes.


Most Important Elements of Writing Product Descriptions For Subscription Boxes

One of the most important ways to get your products in front of potential customers is by writing excellent product descriptions. They allow you to improve your conversion rate because they attract your clients and let them know why they should buy your product. In the highly competitive world of ecommerce sales, proper product descriptions can dictate how well your subscription business does.

To get perfect product descriptions, keep in mind these five key rules:

  • Think of your target
  • List your box’s contents
  • Tell customers why they should subscribe
  • Inform customers about delivery times
  • Talk about how customers can use the box 


Think of your target

Before you ever begin packing your first box, you need to think about your target customer. Are they a dog lover who would appreciate some heavy-duty toys, or are they a cat person looking to get some premium catnip? Do they spend a lot of time outdoors, or are they glued to YouTube watching beauty tutorials? Your ideal customer will tell you a lot about what to put in the box as well as how you can advertise it with a well-written product description. When writing your description, keep your customer in mind.

Include words that hold meaning for them in their community as well as product details that are especially relevant to their interest). By letting your ideal customer guide what you write, you’ll increase conversion rates while gaining new customers for life.

List what the subscription box contains

This may seem evident, but we’ve definitely seen subscription boxes that don’t list what comes inside. This doesn’t mean you need to change the product description each month, but you should have general universal quantities you can use to give your customers a rough idea of what they will receive. Even if they do not know the box’s contents. 

For example, if you’re selling makeup boxes, you may note that each customer will receive five full-size beauty products. This is specific enough for you to convey the value of the box while keeping the contents a surprise. This evergreen content allows you to keep the same description up each month.

Tell customers why they should subscribe

Your subscription box likely has some competitors, so this is where you can point out how you’re different and make your box likable. So, if you specialize in home décor, you can point out how all your products are made with vegan ingredients or how you donate to a favorite charity. By focusing on what makes your brand different, you can ensure you stand out and attract your ideal customers.

Inform customers on delivery times

A few years ago, a famous YouTuber announced subscription boxes to their subscribers. People were excited to receive their items. However, weeks went by and customers began to wonder if they’d receive their box. The YouTuber eventually explained they had shipping delays, but people still felt conned.

The issue for many people was the fact the personality knew the boxes would become delated. To prevent this backlash from happening, the delivery times should’ve been in the description. This would’ve allowed customers to know what to expect as well as generated interest In the boxes as customers received them.

Talk about how they can use the box

This is one of the most important elements of writing a great product description: tell your customers why they need your box. Maybe you keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and promise the latest products. Or perhaps you include everything for an experience. Regardless of what you are selling, you need to take the time to write a sentence or two that allows the reader to picture themselves using your box. 

How To Increase Conversion Rate For Your Products Using Subscriptions

Increasing your conversion rate doesn’t need to feel like an uphill battle. Subscriptions are an excellent option to increase your conversion rate because they allow you to offer a few methods that have been shown to help other eCommerce strategies succeed, including:

  • Upsell other products with add-on options.
  • Have different pricing plans.
  • Lends itself well to social media marketing via popular trends like unboxing.

Which platform to choose when offering subscriptions

There are several platforms you can choose from when looking to offer subscription boxes. Some of the most popular are: 

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Sellify
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • BigCommerce

Each of these platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. The main thing you will want to do is fully examine which will meet your customer’s needs.

What to consider when choosing a new subscription platform

  • Price – Price can make or break a deal. Choose a platform that is within your budget even if it doesn’t have all the bells ad whistles you may want.
  • Compatibility – Make sure your platform is compatible with plug-ins you want to use. There’s nothing worse than getting a site set up only to find it cannot support the programs you need.
  • Reliability – There are several fly-by-night hosting services that won’t help you in the long run. To avoid this trap, pick an established host that has years of results.


Starting a subscription box can feel difficult, but once you write creative and fun product descriptions, you will find the customers start rolling in. From using language directed towards your ideal customer to increasing revenue, product descriptions can make or break a business. 

However, product descriptions aren’t the only thing you need to consider. You should also for plug-ins that work with your established theme. That’s where we come in.

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